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Big Hearts and Books = Phi Mu

The NSU Phi Mu Chapter has been a prime financial supporter of all the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) departments at CHRISTUS Cabrini Hospital for over 10 years.  The funds they raise and donate annually help the hospital staff give normalcy back to many kids and families.  In other cases, their donations provide life saving treatments and equipment for the most critically ill.


Active and engaging kids like Reign benefit from specialized therapeutic treatments administered by the Cabrini Pediatric Therapy Center’s twenty one therapist.   Speech, occupational and physical therapy treatments assist Reign in overcoming the side effects of Apert Syndrome.

Reign first came to CHRISTUS Cabrini’s Pediatric Therapy Center when he was one and was not able to sit up.  Through intensive work with his therapists, he has learned to sit up, stand, walk, talk and function normally.  Reign’s brain is beautifully and perfectly intact.  The result is a strong sense of perseverance and determination.  Apert Syndrome isn’t holding Reign back.

As the only CMN and not-for-profit hospital within a seventy mile radius of Central Louisiana, CHRISTUS Cabrini’s pediatric patients travel from 14 parishes to receive life saving services.  The funds and books donated by the NSU Phi Mu Chapter will support these children and further Cabrini’s mission to extend world-class faith inspired health care to all patients with special concern for the poor and under served.  Whether a child is treated in Cabrini’s Level 3 Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Therapy Center or 17 rural School Based Health Centers, they are feeling the tremendous impact of this great partner – Phi Mu at NSU.